Learn NSX  Day 3 : NSX Manager and NSX Controller

NSX Manager

NSX Manger
NSX Manger

Manage vCenter Registration



Manage NSX Manager
Manage NSX Manager


  • Deployment of the controller clusters
  • Logical networking
  • Networking and Edge services
  • Security Services (out the box includes support  for vRA,vLI,vROPS,vIO,Arkin & Tufin)
  • Creates self-signed certs
  • ESXi host Prep (VIBS etc)
  • Extend logical networks for a new ESXi cluster
    (web client > Network security > Install for new cluster)
  • Logging configured
  • Backup NSX

NSX Controller (Control Plane)

  • Deployed as virtual appliances
  • Enable VXLAN
  • Logically separated from the data plane traffic
  • Dynamic routing between ESXi (North / South by Edge VM)
  • Supports ARP suppression
  • Each controller node is assigned roles

Diagram from my notes

NSX Manager


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These are notes made during my study of VMware NSX for vSphere. Apologise if any of the detail is incorrect. Hopefully posts under “Learn NSX” help others to start learning about VMware NSX for vSphere.