Learn NSX Day 16 : Useful Commands & Errors

NSX Manager ( Open console of NSX Manager – try basic commands)



sho? (displays commands starting with “sho”)sho

Privileged mode

Privileged Mode
Privileged Mode



Show Clock


Show file system

show filesystem
show filesystem

Type : quit     (to exit)



NSX Controller CLI Commands:

Identify which port the switch manager is using
Show controller-cluster connections

Identify control cluster majority leader
show control-cluster status

Very useful blog on trouble shooting NSX http://www.yet.org/2014/09/nsxv-troubleshooting/



Error Message : Invalid_ID_Information

Reason : PreShared Key doesn’t match


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These are notes made during my study of VMware NSX for vSphere. Apologies if any of the detail is incorrect. Hopefully posts under “Learn NSX” help others to start learning about VMware NSX for vSphere.