Learn NSX  Day 6 : NSX and Logical Switches

Replication Modes on Logical Switches

logical-switch options
logical-switch options


Broadcast (BUM)
Hybrid Mode Logical Switch




Sort of utilises both Unicast and Multicast traffic


Unknown Uni-cast replication


Reason to use :
Opposite to Multicast. Separation of the Physical and Logical networks
No PIM or IGMP on physical network. Non-ESXi don’t receive BUM option
Configurable in the Transport Zone (VTEPS Send Uni-cast and can remote proxy in transport zone)

Multicast Replication


Reason to use :
NSX relies on Layer 2 and Layer 3 multicast for physical network for VXLAN encapsulated multi destination is sent to all VTEPS
(page  26) 
Required PIM and L3 multicasting routing
Least amount of bandwidth used on physical network architecture


Logical Switches

Prep work :
Config VXLAN tunnel endpoint (VTEP) VLAN on trunk in physical switches

A good article on logical switching and transport zones was available this page by  Alex Hunt – Logical Switching and Transport Zones 

Spine – Leaf architected networks


A great description by Ethan Banks below :
“In modern data centers, an alternative to the core/aggregation/access layer network topology has emerged known as leaf-spine. In a leaf-spine architecture, a series of leaf switches form the access layer. These switches are fully meshed to a series of spine switches.

Network overlays such as VXLAN are common in highly virtualized, multi-tenant environments such as those found at Infrastructure as a Service providers. Arista Networks is a proponent of layer 3 leaf-spine designs, providing switches that can also act as VXLAN Tunnel Endpoints.” By Ethan Banks


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These are notes made during my study of VMware NSX for vSphere. Apologises if any of the detail is incorrect. Hopefully posts under “Learn NSX” help others to start learning about VMware NSX for vSphere.