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Azure – Create Kubernetes Cluster with ACR Integration

How to create a Kubernetes Cluster with ACR Integration and Service Principal Authentication. Create Kubernetes Cluster, Select the Kubernetes Services Blade> Cloud Shell You will be prompted for storage if…

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EXO V2 Module – Microsoft 365 Exchange Online – PowerShell Module

EXO v2 Exchange Online PowerShell Module download here Some PowerShell commands to help you manage your Microsof 365 Exchange.  More information on the Microsoft Site here How to load the…

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Ping sweep script test

POWERSHELL import-CSV "" | foreach { $result = Test-Connection -ComputerName $_.Name -Count 1 -Quiet $, $result -join ',' | out-file "c:\scripts\PingSweep\computer_results.txt" -Append } COMMAND /BATCH SCRIPT Create list of computers…

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