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Vembu BDR Essentials – Small Businesses

Check out Vembu BDR Essentials, it has now been released for small business’s.
Over the last year, there seems to be a rise advanced phishing attacks and ransomware. While these topics aren’t directly related to Vembu BDR Suite, if you were a victim of ransomware then a good product to have on your side is a backup and recovery product like Vembu BDR Suite.
Some features, such as fast recovery of virtual machines or file level recovery, are nice features of Vembu BDR Suite. The downside to backup and recovery products for small business (SMEs) is cost, however you can now save up to 50% when compared to when compared to Vembu BDR Suite.

Download Vembu Products here:


Workstation 15 Is Here

Workstation 15 Is Here

Workstation 15 Is Here

Workstation 15 Pro and Player are Now Available! Download Now Workstation Pro Workstation Player Buy Now In celebration of our 20th anniversary, the VMware Workstation team is very proud to announce the general availability of VMware Workstation 15 Pro and VMware Workstation 15 Player, our flagship desktop hypervisors […] The post Workstation 15 Is Here appeared first on VMware Workstation Zealot .

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Google Advanced Search Operators

Some tips and examples for more advanced and focused google searches

allinurl: hot wired it (Contains in the Web URL)

allintitle: hot wired it (Search in the title)

allintext: “stephen hackers” (Search for specific text to appear)

site: filetype: pdf ( Search a site containing file types)

site: (Search a specific site)

site: (0191..) Search for numbers

Asterisk (*) stephen* Word plus wild card words

Quotes (“”) Search for a specific word/s

vSphere ESXi 6.7 Unable to talk between subnets between hosts

Configuration was :

ESXi 6.7 – vSphere handling all the port groups tagged with VLANs

Firewall – CISCO ASA


Problem : New ESXi 6.7 hosts. A virtual machine if on the same host and vSwitch could communicate no problem. However if a virtual machince was communincating with another virtual machine on another host on a different, subnet they were unable to communicate between subnets and hosts. Both virtual machines could ping their local gateways. Firewall, CISCO ASA was just dropping all packets and showing the following error

Error on the Firewall when capturing ping traffic “No source port  on ping “Error (Type 8, Code 0), Denied ICMP type=8, code=0”



Sometimes its the simple tick box on the Firewall / ASA config

“Enable traffic between two or more interfaces which are configured with the same security levels”

All traffic started communicating and the virtual machines could talk between the subnets as per the rules on the Firewall.

What does End of General Support mean?

vSphere 5.5 was released in 2013. Now 5 years on and its out of General Support. What does it mean? My simplistic techie take on this is, you still have support if you vSphere farm has a wobble and you need VMware technical support, and don’t be surprised if the solution is to upgrade. However if your still running 5.5 and your not quite sure what to do, feel free to call on a certified professional to plan an upgrade to the latest and greatest release :-).

What does End of General Support mean?

On September 19th, vSphere 5.5 exited its general support phase and moved into something called “Technical Guidance”. In response to this, many have already moved to a newer release of the vSphere 6.x line. Whether it be for compatibility concerns or a reasonable wariness of touching what’s not broken, there are several of us who The post What does End of General Support mean? appeared first on VMware vSphere Blog .

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Task : Output A List Of Home Drive Paths Configured In Active Directory


dsquery user -name “*” -limit 0 | dsget user -samid -hmdir -hmdrv -profile >c:\temp\usersV2.txt


#PowerShell # More flexibility # Includes the state of the computer account (Enable or Disabled)

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Property Name,CanonicalName,CN,DisplayName,DistinguishedName,HomeDirectory, HomeDrive,SamAccountName,UserPrincipalName | export-csv -path (Join-Path $pwd HomeDrive.csv) -encoding ascii -NoTypeInformation

How To Access A SQL Server 2008 Databases WITHOUT SA (SysAdmin) Credentials

Challenge : How to make a backup of a SQL 2008 database without knowing any working credentials.

Log on to the Windows 2008 R2 server running SQL Server 2008 as a domain admin.

Launch SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)

Issue the windows credentials have no permissions and there were no obvious groups in AD (Active Directory) which would have access.

So…back to basics…..

PS tools to the rescue


Download PS Tools

Store in c:\temp\

The tool to use is PSexec

Launch command prompt

Browse to c:\temp

Type : psexec -i -s SSMS.exe

This will launch SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) as system. By luck would have it, window auth under “system” has full SA rights in SQL 2008.

I can then connect to all databases and compete the backups. I can then also check the security permissions for users