VMware Carbon Black – Connect – May 13-14 2020 Virtual

VMware Carbon Black – Connect

Day 1 of the Event

First thing, the platform this event ran on was interactive and simple to follow. Simply navigate your way around as if you were at the event in person.

The agenda was packed full of interesting and useful knowledge from start to finish.


There were three presentations that appealed to me on day 1.

  1. Main Stage “Welcome to VMware Carbon Black Connect” by Patrick Morley, Senior Vice President and General Manager at VMware
  2. Security Leadership “5 Tactics for Selling Security to Senior Leadership” by Alex Philips, CIO and CISO at a Fortune 500 oil and gas company

    Example of the 5 Tatics

  3. Security Leadership “The Rise of Destructive Malware” by Greg Foss, Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black

    Example of one of the slides

Training and Certification Area

I also went on to the certification and training area

Training completed

  1. Become a Threat Hunter Workshop by Ryan Hendricks, Training Manager at VMware Carbon Black
    1. Demonstration and training on VMware Enterprise Carbon Black EDR product

    GUI – Example view

    1. LAB environment

Stickers Laptops and VMware vExpert Awards

VMware vExpert Award 2020 received. Many thanks VMware for the recognition, 5th year in a row. #VMware #vExpert #vExpert2020 #vSphere #ESXi #Award
#vCommunity. And now, New VMware vExpert Stickers arrived in the post. 5 years of Receiving the Award = 5 STARS. But wait that’s not all, PowerVKE stickers, from Barcelona 2018 Hackerthon when our team picked up 3rd place!! Powershell & Kubernetes. What a great end to the week!! #vExpert, thanks Christopher Lewis To Sticker or Not to Sticker, the Dell XPS13.. #ToSticker or #NotToSticker, #theCLOUDexpert #vCommunity #VMware #kubernetes #PowerVKE #VMwareCode #PowerShell

The BLANK canvas XPS13

The XPS 15 sticker design