VMware Carbon Black – Connect – May 13-14 2020 Virtual

VMware Carbon Black – Connect

Day 1 of the Event

First thing, the platform this event ran on was interactive and simple to follow. Simply navigate your way around as if you were at the event in person.

The agenda was packed full of interesting and useful knowledge from start to finish.


There were three presentations that appealed to me on day 1.

  1. Main Stage “Welcome to VMware Carbon Black Connect” by Patrick Morley, Senior Vice President and General Manager at VMware
  2. Security Leadership “5 Tactics for Selling Security to Senior Leadership” by Alex Philips, CIO and CISO at a Fortune 500 oil and gas company

    Example of the 5 Tatics

  3. Security Leadership “The Rise of Destructive Malware” by Greg Foss, Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black

    Example of one of the slides

Training and Certification Area

I also went on to the certification and training area

Training completed

  1. Become a Threat Hunter Workshop by Ryan Hendricks, Training Manager at VMware Carbon Black
    1. Demonstration and training on VMware Enterprise Carbon Black EDR product

    GUI – Example view

    1. LAB environment

VMware Carbon Black Cloud – Next Generation Security

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

This interesting company Carbon Black, a VMware acquisition Oct, 08, 2019 , then lead me to watch the live demo’s / presentation at VMworld 2019. This product, possibly a game changer (opinions are my own) in the security space of VMware.

With my background in VMware vSphere, Qualys, McAfee, Trend Micro, Symantec and Ethical Hacking, this product jumps out to me. I started looking in more detail at what this new integration could do.

Image from “VMWCB-VMware-Carbon-Black-Cloud-1.pdf”

Could these features, now built in to / plugin for vCenter replace many other security products?


  • Next-Generation Antivirus and EDR
  • Managed Alert Monitoring
  • Real-time device assessment
  • Inbuilt and Proactive Threat intelligence


  • One Console – Provides One Platform for your Security
  • One Agent – Reduce the endpoint security agents required
  • Reduce CPU usage

For more information or a demo, visit the Carbon Black site.

VMworld Barcelona 2019

DAY 1 #vmworld2019

#day2 of #vmworld 2019 Great start today, Stephen Hackers rocking the VMware {Code} T-shirt #vExpert
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  • Next-Generation Antivirus and EDR
  • Managed Alert Monitoring
  • Real-time device assessment
  • Inbuilt and Proactive Threat intelligence

#Fling Cross vCentre Workload Migration Utility v3 #released live during the migration techniques presentation at #vmworld2019
#CrossvCentreWorkloadMigrationUtility Great presentation William Lam & Emad Younis

#VMwareCloud on #AWS Session from Test Drive to Full Speed #AlwaysBeLearning


Just picked up this years #VMware
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vExpert Private Party – Meeting Pat was great!


Well that’s #vmworld2019 #Barcelona over, what a great experience and #geekout. I had a #catchup with some great people and made loads of new connections. The community’s desire to share knowledge is fantastic and there was lots of new interesting tech to learn about. #alwaysbelearning. This blog post shows a few of my #Highlights. Thanks VMware for putting a great event on and also a big thank you to HTG – Howell Technology Group , Kevin Howell, Graham Wight & Martin Shuter for offering continuous support and enabling consultants to attend these fantastic events. #HTG #vExpert Most interesting product for me was Carbon black + App defence (Cloud Workload Protection) #CarbonBlack #AppDefence #CloudWorkloadProtection Best Tool for me was a VMware Fling Cross vCentre Workload Migration Utility v3 #VMwareFling