Stickers Laptops and VMware vExpert Awards

VMware vExpert Award 2020 received. Many thanks VMware for the recognition, 5th year in a row. #VMware #vExpert #vExpert2020 #vSphere #ESXi #Award
#vCommunity. And now, New VMware vExpert Stickers arrived in the post. 5 years of Receiving the Award = 5 STARS. But wait that’s not all, PowerVKE stickers, from Barcelona 2018 Hackerthon when our team picked up 3rd place!! Powershell & Kubernetes. What a great end to the week!! #vExpert, thanks Christopher Lewis To Sticker or Not to Sticker, the Dell XPS13.. #ToSticker or #NotToSticker, #theCLOUDexpert #vCommunity #VMware #kubernetes #PowerVKE #VMwareCode #PowerShell

The BLANK canvas XPS13

The XPS 15 sticker design

Security, LinkedIn, Enable Two-Step Verification and FaceID

#Security  #LinkedIn turn on #2FA its really straight forward and I would suggest it’s a “must” to protect yourself/ LinkedIn account. Rather than recreate the wheel, I found this useful link where someone had done the hard work of explaining the how to enable 2FA. The setup / enable process should take less than 1-2minutes to complete.

Example shown below where the options are set:

  1. Two-Step verification option to enable

If your concerned about loosing your phone, enable additional security for the FaceID when opening the LinkedIn app. If FaceID is already setup on the phone, just enable it in settings.

  1. App Lock using FaceID option to enable


Social Media Tactics

Some note of social media tactics

  • When writing blogs or posts on social media always include Keywords – Make sure you post has keywords on the topic
  • Do social media posts have a value? Yes
  • Do you make email lists? Have you tried use email marketing? Have a look at
  • Know your audience

Digital Reputation..

  • People highly rate referrals
  • Consumer opinions. Google rating?
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Tip of the day : on a google business URL , add comma 5 … populates 5 star    ,5

Marketing Materials