VMworld 2018 Barcelona Highlights

Stephen Hackers from Hot Wired IT Solutions affiliate partner to HTG (Howell Technology Group) made the trip to VMworld Barcelona 2018 with Kevin Howell (HTG), Graham Wight (HTG) and Tony Cota.


Tech Experts Meetings + Design Workshops + Vendors + Hall Sessions = A great experience and excellent value for money.

Things I learnt…

  1. Download the VMworld App
  2. Book sessions early
  3. Register for a vendor party
  4. Participate where possible

VMworld through my eyes

  1. Download the app… Contains your pass, schedule, reminders, events, map, info and more.
  2. The photo every geek wants

3. Picked up my VMware vExpert 2018 goodie bag


4. Attended multiple design workshops. Signing NDA… Sorry no secrets being shared here.

VMware design_studio


5. Entered the Hackathon .. Joined an amazing team of 8 experts. (3rd place)

Chris Porter, Christopher Lewis, Colin Westwater, Dave Simpson, Dominik Zorgnotti, Gareth Edwards, Tony Cota and Stephen Hackers (Me).

We created and launched #PowerVKE. PowerShell module to deploy kubernetes. This was successful in taking 3rd place at the Hackathon

Available on GitHub https://github.com/PowerVKE

Follow on twitter https://twitter.com/PowerVKE

24 hours on from the Hackathon and Will PowerVKE name change to PowerPKS??


6. Meet the Vendors.

Vembu stand

NetApp with Ducati ( I was always going to visit any stand with a bike being a biker myself)



7. Vendor party

Cohesity was our option

Great night out and some interesting glow in the dark / flashing devices for the night. The Queen tribute act was definitely worth watching. The friendly atmosphere was fantastic


8. Meet the Experts.

I attended two of these excellent sessions on PKS (kubernetes) and vSphere on AWS. As a techy I felt I got more business value in these 30-45min 1-1 tech sessions than in some of the high level presentations attended. That’s not to say the high level presentations were worth attending as well, but I got to ask in the 1-1 my homework for actual work I’m doing or planning on doing.


9.The End

Then the trip was over. Such an amazing few days. Already looking forward to VMworld 2019……

Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 XG – Executables and Logs

The following is a list of key executables and a description of there task or roles when working with Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 XG. This is not a complete list.

Executable Task or Role
AUTOPCC.exe UNC based agent deployment program
CNTAoSMGR.exe OfficeScan agent plugin manager
DBSERVER.exe Interface to OfficeScan DB
iCRCSERVICE.exe Smart Scan functionality, File reputation and Web reputation
NTRTSCAN.exe Scanning, collects logs & requests for malware info
OFCSERVICE.exe Central Management for OfficeScan
OSCEINTEGRATIONSERVICE.exe Interface to Active Directory
SQLTxFr.exe Migrating OfficeScan HTTP DB to SQL
SVRSVCSETUP.exe GetInfo, Uninstall, Install OfficeScan server
SVRTUNE.exe Adjust setting, such as increase time to download for Updated Agents
TMBMSRV.exe Prevent unauthorised change to the registry
TMLISTEN.exe Server – Agent comms
TMPFW.exe Firewall
TMPROXY.exe Sending and recieveing HTTP/HTTPS traffic
TMVS.exe Vulnerabity scanner with option to deploy agent


The following is a list of key logs and a description of there task or roles when working with Trend Micro OfficeScan 11 XG. This is not a complete list.

Log Decription
OFCNT.log Client / Agent port info / Install info
OFCMAS.log OfficeScan server install info
OFCDEBUG.log OfficeScan debugging log
TMUDUMP.txt Update errors


Please note, this info may be incorrect. These are study notes and not official material. Comments are my own.

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