How To Configure Office 365 Email Supervision

To allow another user to supervise a users outbound email, you will need to create a new policy under “Supervision”

Start by opening the “Security” center from the Microsoft Admin Center

Click “Supervision” and “Create”

Name your policy and click next

Add the users or groups. You have the option to select teams chats also. Untick if not required and click next

Select Inbound / Outbound / Internal to review

Select the % to review

Add the reviewers (Supervisors)

Review and Click Finish

How To Enable Admins/Users to Import Their Own PST files in Office 365

To enable the admins/users to import their own PST files, the users must be given the “Mailbox Import Export” role.

This it how you configure / assign the users the role.

Login to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Open “Exchange” admin center.

Click “Permissions” > “Admin Roles” and “+” Add a new role

Enter details (example info), Add “Mailbox Import Export” role. Click Save