Azure – Monitor / Alerts – Create Action Group to Notify Admin/User by SMS & Email

Setting up Alerts in Azure Monitor.

How to create an action group configured with notifications via SMS and Email, actions and tags .

Monitor Blade, Alerts > Manage Actions > Create Action Group

Click Notifications

When click the pencil to edit, enter the Email / SMS / Push / Voice  options

Now populated

There is more advanced automation options called “actions” which can also be defined


How To Configure Office 365 Email Supervision

To allow another user to supervise a users outbound email, you will need to create a new policy under “Supervision”

Start by opening the “Security” center from the Microsoft Admin Center

Click “Supervision” and “Create”

Name your policy and click next

Add the users or groups. You have the option to select teams chats also. Untick if not required and click next

Select Inbound / Outbound / Internal to review

Select the % to review

Add the reviewers (Supervisors)

Review and Click Finish

Phishing Email – TV Licensing – Don’t be a victim

Watch out for the latest Phishing Email Scams. They are getting ever more convincing. This TV Licensing email just came through.

Sent from “Trusted Sender”

No spelling or grammar issues

Always, catching your eye.

EEEeee I’ve not paid a bill.

Sign up now.

ALWAYS ALWAYS hover over the links to view the correct URL address.

Nobody takes payments via clear txt “HTTP”

TV license dont use “” A german .de site collecting my TV license these days. Oh reall

DON’T user phone numbers in Phishing emails for verification of a legit email.

Question everything.