Intune Company Portal Install On An iPhone Device – MDM

Intune – Mobile Device Management – Intune Company Portal Install On An iPhone Device

Lets focus on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Example Apple – iOS enrolment


  • Devices are not wiped during enrolment
  • Device is associated with a user
  • Users can unenroll the device

At this point we should have completed the basics in the Intune configuration portal

  1. Install the “Intune Company Portal” application in the App Store

  1. Open the Intune Company Portal App

2. Sign in or Just select your Office365 account > Continue

3. Begin

4. Continue or Select Can

5. Continue

6. Continue

7. Allow

8. Close

9. Settings > Profile Downloaded

10. Install

11. Enter Passcode

12. Install

13. Install

15. Trust

16. Done


17. Close settings – Note “Mobile Profile”
18. Back to app and click “Continue Now”

19. Done

Success !!! Device is now enrolled and awaiting apps and policies