Intune – Apple MDM Push Certificate

Intune – Apple MDM Push Certificate

Intune – Mobile Device Management – Device Enrolment – Apple MDM Push Certificate

Lets focus on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Example Apple – iOS enrolment


  • Devices are not wiped during enrolment
  • Device is associated with a user
  • Users can unenroll the device

MDM push Certificate required

Go to device management

Enrol iOS devices in Intune

Devices > Apple Enrollment > Apple MDM Push Certificate

You will need an Apple ID used on your Device

Step 3 expanded….

Create your MDM push certificate redirects you to login to the Apple portal with your Apple ID

Click “Create a Certificate

Read, Tick and Accept the terms

Upload your CSR

Download Certificate

Then View Manage Certificates. Note Expiry date!

Now back to step 4.

Enter Apple ID

Step 5

Add your MDM push certificate

Click upload



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