Enhance Security : Enforce Mobile Devices to Use Encryption and Password Policy connecting to Exchange Online (O365)

Features available to improve security with mobile devices by using encryption and a password policy when connecting to Exchange Online (O365). Anyone who has been a Active Directory Admin will by default expect to configure additional security, the same logic should apply for the Office 365 admin / Exchange Online Admin.

How to configure, start in Exchange Admin Center

Browse “Mobile” and edit the “Default”

To apply additional security settings to mobile services by default. I’ve highlighted some more restrictive settings to configure from the default.

  • Require Password
  • Require an Alphanumeric Password
  • Require Encryption
  • Min Password Length
  • Wipe Device on Sign-In Failures
  • Sign In time
  • Password Lifetime and Recycle Count

Intune – MDM – Device Enrolment – Add an iPhone Device

Intune – Mobile Device Management – Device Enrolment – Add a Device

Lets focus on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Example Apple – iOS enrolment


  • Devices are not wiped during enrolment
  • Device is associated with a user
  • Users can unenroll the device

At this point we have already completed the Pre Req’s (See Apple MDM Push Certificate if you haven’t done this already)

Apple Configurator / Devices


We need to add an iOS device you will need the serial number and device detail in a CSV file to import

CSV format <device serial>,<Detail Owner? Device type)

Add a device

Devices> iOS > Apple Configurator

Have you created a Profile? Create a Profile before adding a device, see this guide

Select a profile and import your CSV file contain all your devices. Then click add.

Success !! Devices Added

Additional info from Microsoft Docs available here