Intune – MDM – Device Enrolment – Add an iPhone Device

Intune – Mobile Device Management – Device Enrolment – Add a Device

Lets focus on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Example Apple – iOS enrolment


  • Devices are not wiped during enrolment
  • Device is associated with a user
  • Users can unenroll the device

At this point we have already completed the Pre Req’s (See Apple MDM Push Certificate if you haven’t done this already)

Apple Configurator / Devices

We need to add an iOS device you will need the serial number and device detail in a CSV file to import

CSV format <device serial>,<Detail Owner? Device type)

Add a device

Devices> iOS > Apple Configurator

Have you created a Profile? Create a Profile before adding a device, see this guide

Select a profile and import your CSV file contain all your devices. Then click add.

Success !! Devices Added

Additional info from Microsoft Docs available here