Learn NSX Day 1 : NSX Requirements

Learn NSX Day 1 : NSX Requirements

The assumption is you already know what NSX is. These are my study notes and exam prep. If you want an introduction to NSX, try this Alex Hunt introduction to NSX

For my setup the basic requirements are :

·         vSphere environment using vCenter & ESXi (HA, DRS & FT)
·         ESXi Cluster (idealy x2 clusters, 1x Mgmt and 1xService)
·         1x vCenter per NSX Manager
·         Physical network 1600 MTU
·         1 x vDS
·         Prep hosts for NSX (VIBS) – Manually or use Updated Manager
·         Desktop Client (Windows 10) running Chrome or Firefox with flash installed
·         NSX ova required 16GB RAM and 4 CPU. (unsupported 8GB RAM and 2 CPU)

For a quick deploy in a PoC Deploy-and-Configure-VMware-NSX-in-23-minutes (untested, all scripts are at you own risk)

Minimum versions which support NSX

·         vCenter 5.5
·         ESXi 5.1
·         vShield 5.5
·         vCNS 5.5

VMware NSX Configuration Maximums 6.2


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These are note made during my study of VMware for NSX. Apologise if any of the detail is incorrect. Hopefully posts under Learn NSX help others to start learning about VMware NSX for vSphere.

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