Azure – Configure Web App and Licenses

Azure – Configure Web App and Licenses

Deploying a web application and the difference between an F1 Dev/Test Free license and a B1 Dev/Test/ Production license features

Reference material

Prep – Lab Resource Group

Start in App Services. To create a basic test app in the free tier using I’m using the prep resource group – lab_study_2020

Deployment takes a minute or two, so patients before jumping to the next steps

Now you have a basic app running and accessible via a URL from the internet.

If you delete and recreate the app you can change the license options to include more advanced features, try selecting Production B1.

Dev/Test or Production B1 Features

  • Custom domain /SSL options
  • Manual Scale

Stop Web App, Delete Web App > Enter Web App name and Delete

Redeploy using B1 license for additional options

Now you will see additional options


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