VMworld Barcelona 2019 – My Highlights

VMworld Barcelona 2019 – My Highlights

Stephen Hackers just heading home after a great few days at VMworld Barcelona went across to VMworld Barcelona with associates Howell Technology Group ( https://www.htguk.com ).

So the VMworld 2019 (Europe) was at the Fira Barcelona and the line of the week was #MakeYourMark

The 1st task of the day is the Geek photo of the trip. So this is Stephen Hackers.

Where can you view the sessions? All session Recordings : https://videos.vmworld.com/global/2019


Day 1 :

VMware Cloud on AWS : From Test Drive to Full Speed

A great session, 4 hrs long but packed with useful tips

A great cheat sheet for SDDC Pre-Requisites

Check out : VMware Cloud Services – Service Health https://status.vmware-services.io

Six Best Practises for Successful Migrations to VMware Cloud On AWS

Day 2:

VMware vExpert Swag collected

vExpert 2019 badges, bags and a RasberyPi.


Carbon Black Workload ( AppDefense + Carbon Black )

This was the most interesting security product of the week

AppDefense example

Cloud Workload Protect (AppDefence + Carbon Black)


VMware Flings – Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility v3 released


Meeting the VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger



Day 3

Workspace One and Dell

Python 101 – Check out the QR code


Documentation (The Why)


Savings on Training and Certifications


Closing party – Stereophonics

Introducing Kubernetes Academy Brought to You…

Introducing Kubernetes Academy Brought to You by VMware!

Introducing Kubernetes Academy Brought to You…

We’re excited to introduce Kubernetes Academy Brought to You by VMware—a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education platform. Kubernetes Academy provides an accessible learning path to advance your skill set, regardless of where you are on your Kubernetes journey.

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What the VMware VCP certification backtrack…

No longer do you need to stress about exams expiring has now gone. Anyone with a previous expired VCP 4 and 5 certifications should check now to see if they have gone live again as VMware now recognizes those formerly expired exams. So You can download the badges for those exams from the MyVMware portal. #VMware #VCP #VCAP #Certification

What the VMware VCP certification backtrack…

The VCP certification backtrack means formerly expired VCP 4 and 5 certifications have become active again. Discover what this change means for your certification and decide whether you intend to recertify.

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What’s New at VMworld 2019

This #VMworld 2019 US came packed with product announcements! See what’s new in Cloud, Networking & Security, Digital Workspace, and Emerging Tech.

What’s New at VMworld 2019

Embrace the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment and accelerate your journey to the cloud with VMware. From the latest in cloud, networking and security, and digital workspaces, to IoT and emerging trends, make your mark with the new technologies and products announced at VMworld 2019.

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New Release: PowerCLI 11.4.0

Great news for all the scripting people out there. New Release: PowerCLI 11.4.0 #PowerCLI #Scripting #WhatsNew

New Release: PowerCLI 11.4.0

August is always a great month when it comes to new releases, and this year is no different. Even before VMworld, there have already been announcements for vSphere 6.7 Update 3, NSX-T 2.4.2, and a new version of HCX. The PowerCLI team has one more exciting release for you in the form of PowerCLI 11.4.0! […] The post New Release: PowerCLI 11.4.0 appeared first on VMware PowerCLI Blog.

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Announcing vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and Enterprise…

VMware Announcing vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and Enterprise Plus Edition #VMware #Update3 #LatestTech

Announcing vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and Enterprise…

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 Integrates Cloud-Native Application Storage Support and More! We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of the industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure software, VMware vSAN. As applications continue to evolve, the infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to support those changes, and 6.7 Update 3 provides new capabilities to help administrators manage cloud-native applications The post Announcing vSAN 6.7 Update 3 and Enterprise Plus Edition appeared first on…Read More

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Phishing TEXT Scam

Phishing TEXT Scams

Watch out for the latest Phishing TEXT Scams. This week they are getting a bit lazy and less convincing. This #Fake #Halifax text has just been received. SUSPICIOUS activity!! On an account I don’t have with Halifax, or in this case an account with “hlxdata.online”

> Sent from “+44 7597009141” #Dangerous Rating #O2

> Either not even masking the number or its masked with this bogus number

> HLXdata.online a very catchy web address

+ Check numbers out for SCAM details, start with for the number on Google +Don’t visit sites marked “HLXdata.online” for you large corporate bank +Don’t phone the number on the message. Call the number on the back of your bank card

+ Question everything.

#CyberSecurity #raisingawareness #phishingattack #phishingtext #phishing #Scam #txt #text #Alert

Phishing Email – TV Licensing – Don’t be a victim

Watch out for the latest Phishing Email Scams. They are getting ever more convincing. This TV Licensing email just came through.

Sent from “Trusted Sender”

No spelling or grammar issues

Always, catching your eye.

EEEeee I’ve not paid a bill.

Sign up now.

ALWAYS ALWAYS hover over the links to view the correct URL address.

Nobody takes payments via clear txt “HTTP”

TV license dont use “soul-rebel.de” A german .de site collecting my TV license these days. Oh reall

DON’T user phone numbers in Phishing emails for verification of a legit email.

Question everything.

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